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1. Msgr. Thomas Nedumkallel Memorial Lectures & Football Tournament

The college owes so much to late. Msgr. Thomas Nedumkallel, the Founder Principal and chief architect of Nirmala whose memory, we wish to perpetuate through a series of memorial lectures delivered by eminent people from various walks of life every year. This prestigious endowment lecture was started in 1993 and is carried on with the same fervour and spirit. Together with the Memorial Lectures we conduct State Intercollegiate Football Tournament to commemorate the memory of the great visionary, Nirmala has ever seen.

2. Bishop Mathew Pothanamuzhi Prize (Inter Collegiate Elocution Competition)

Bishop Mathew Pothanamuzhi Prize is instituted by Rev. Dr. Thomas Pothanamuzhi in memory of Bishop Mar Mathew Pothanamuzhi the first Bishop of the Diocese of Kothamangalam and the Founder Manager and Patron of Nirmala College.

3. Rev. Dr. Mathew Thottiyil Endowment Lecture

To perpetuate the memory of Rev Dr.Mathew Thottiyil, the former Principal and HOD of Chemistry, an endowment was founded in the academic year 2000-2001. By using the endowment, an endowment lecture is being delivered every year in advanced topics of Chemistry.

4. Prof. George Paul Sports Foundation

To perpetuate the loving memory of late Prof.George Paul, Dept. of Physical Education, the foundation was started in August 2000. The main aim of the foundation is to promote sports especially Volleyball and find out promising volley ball players of the colleges under various universities in Kerala. The foundation conducts All Kerala Intercollegiate Volley ball Tournament every year. The Foundation plans to give coaching to Volleyball and Football players and conducting seminars.

5. Dr. Susan Thomas Memorial Student Enrichment Programme

In fond memory of Late Dr. Susan Thomas, the Dept. of English has instituted a student Enrichment Programme. The endowment money is utilized to arrange Symposia, Seminars or Workshops on topics of literary relevance for the benefit of the student community.