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Admission Process




1. Admission is open to any student at any time of the year. But the student should appear in an admission test to justify his/her aptitude and admission will be done as per the performance in the admission test.



2. Students other than Bangladeshi Nationals need Transfer Certificate (T.C) and obtain permission from International School Wing, Ministry of Education, Eastern Province, K.S.A.



3. Minimum age for admission is 4 years in KG I. Admission to other classes is in the same order of age so that the child completes class X by the age of 15 and can complete A-level before 18 years of age.



4. Application in the prescribed form is to be submitted by the middle of May of each Academic year of registration.


5. First Admission test will be held in the month of June so that the new students can start the session from the beginning. 


6. Admission in a particular class is confirmed on the basis of the children’s performance in the admission test.


7. The standard of Admission Test is of the level of the Term Exam of the class preceding that to which admission is sought.


8. Any student seeking admission during any term shall have to pay all the charges together with the tuition fees up to the month of admission from the beginning of the term.


9. Any student who got transfer from any of Bangladesh International School (English Medium) has to pay the tuition fee from the month of admission only.



Application Form for admission can be downloaded from the given formats -  Microsoft Office Document  or Editable PDF Form