Saudi Arabia

Principal Message

As Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.


We, the Board of Directors and the teaching and non –teaching staffs, understand how important it is for you to give proper education to your child. Your child is your future, your hard earned money in this foreign country is only to ensure the bright career of your children. The first step of career building starts at school.


At Bangladesh International School, we aim to provide education of a high standard. Our goal is not only to develop the academic skills of your child but also to inculcate strong worldly values in a supportive environment.


Our team of experienced teachers is well trained and continuously being trained to develop the full potential of a child and enhance his/her talents and potentials.


In our pursuit of excellence and progress in education, we encourage students to know the culture of Bangladesh, the root of the family and to accommodate with the need of 21st century.


It is our aim to provide an experience of education, which combines morals of Islam, the cultural and traditional norms and backgrounds of the country we live in (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) with the culture and tradition of our mother land, Bangladesh.


We pride ourselves on preparing your child for the future while respecting at all times his/her individuality, strengths and cultural values.


We hope that you will find common ground with our philosophy and join us in developing global citizenship for a better tomorrow.


Thanks for your continuous cooperation and support.


Mohammad Mamunar Rashid
Acting Principal